ManageWP Vs Others

ManageWP Vs. InfiniteWP Vs. MainWP

  • ManageWP 33 features
  • InfiniteWP 27 features
  • MainWP 34 features

Comparing the price with full features on ManageWP and MainWP or InfiniteWP,ManageWP is cheaper if you need full features,but if you need less features and if you would like to create custom package than you will choose InfiniteWP and add on basic package features that you need,MainWP is similar to InfiniteWP with basic package and addons.Also if you have small number of web sites it’s better to use ManageWP because you are paying fee on monthly base per 1 site.
For InfiniteWP you have to install your admin panel to wordpress or cpanel and you have very complicated guide for installation,so if you are beginner I would recommend ManageWP.
Same situation is also with MainWP,complicated installation for application and complicated installation for extra features.
For ManageWP you can sign up on their web site managewp and when you add your websites they will ask you to install for you their worker plugin on website that you have added,very clean fast and easy.And everything is done in just few clicks.
In InfiniteWP

  • If you need any useful feature you will need to pay between 49usd-99usd per year and it will cost you for 19 addons a lot of money even with yearly full package,and it doesn’t matter how many sites you have 2 or 100.

In MainWP

  • You will pay 30usd for basic installation and you will get mostly basic features,for every addon you will pay 30usd and you will need around 29 addons to break even with ManageWP business plan.But to be honest it’s much better than InfiniteWP because on MainWP you are buying addons for a lifetime,there is no monthly or yearly fee.

In ManageWP

  • standard plan you will have for 0.65usd 1 site/month 18 features.
  • professional plan you will have for 1.95usd 1 site/month 27 features.
  • business plan you will have for 3.90usd 1 site/month 33 features.
  • For One Year Subscription you will receive 2 months free,and For Two Years 5 months free.

I also have surfed around blog’s to see from others what do they think about InfiniteWP or MainWP and what about ManageWP.And that is something that I am doing very often when I want to buy something and I don’t know what is better and why.Here is what I have found out from that research:

The Pros

  • Bunch of useful features such as Clone,Google Analytics Integration,White Labeling,SEO and Keyword Analytics,Back Up and many more.
  • NO SET UP just sign in and use!!!User friendly dashboard even for beginners.
  • LOW pricing per site even on business plan with full features.
  • CMS you can add post,search posts,pages,comments without logging to your wordpress dashboard.
  • Reliable Back Up option that actually works.
  • Great Customer Support Philosophy

The Cons

  • Price if you have large number of websites.

The Pros

  • Useful features same as in ManageWP Clone,White Labeling,SEO ,Back Up and many more.
  • LOW pricing because you can choose addons you need and buy them for a lifetime.

The Cons

  • Installation that lasts more than one hour with addons install.
  • Server Load and very slow functioning of websites time to time.
  • Unusable Back Up Option for bigger websites.

The Pros

  • Useful features same as in ManageWPand MainWP Clone,White Labeling,SEO ,Back Up and many more.
  • Big Discount if you buy full package.

The Cons

  • Most Expensive from all managing applications
  • Installation requires a lot of time and knowledge
  • Dashboard is laggy and application is not answering instantly
  • Not Reliable for Back Up and Clone Option

Fundamentally we are talking about very similar but very different applications.Same situation is with most popular CMS such as WordPress,Drupal,Joomla but we have to agree that WordPress is above others because of functionality,user friendly dashboard and tons of developers with new plugins and themes every day.
I would pick ManageWP because of same reasons,user friendly dashboard,easy to use,price is great and great team of developers and customer support.It will save you a lot of time every day that you were spending on updates,security checks and other obligations considering website maintenance.Also ManageWP have option maintenance mode where you can with one click redirect your visitors to screen with custom message that you can create in HTML.TRY IT AND FIND OUT WHAT YOU ARE MISSING ALL THIS TIME.SAVE YOUR TIME AND SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

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