Ultra Blu Pack

Ultra Blu Pack is for serious business web sites with web shopplace where you will present everything about you and your job and keep updated your clients with posts that you will create without any web expert.Web Site is in HTML,CSS designed and optimized for CMS Wordressyou can change everything without us.If you want to add photos in galery and slider you can do it by yourselfwith NO EXTRA COSTS for that.Also you will have full contact form with fill in fields and google map for your location.Extra feature is also connection with your Social Media profiles,pages,You Tube etc.You will have all modern features for web sites and you can expect HIGH POSITIONS on Google,Yahoo,Bing and other search engines.In this package you will have two months free maintanance in testing period,after that every hour of extra work on your website will be charged pre-paid 20 Euro’s per hour.Also you will have FREE online education HOW TO USE CMS!!!
Consider all this when you are making choice for your package.
Extra costs for every web site are domain name registration 25 Euro’s for one year and web hosting 10 Euro’s for one year,but this you can do by yourself and save some money.

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